Meet Novella, our charming Golden Blue British Shorthair (Chinchilla). She joined our family from the prestigious BO.NA.MURR cattery in December 2023. With her enchanting golden-blue coat and sweet temperament, Novella quickly won our hearts and brings joy to everyone she meets.

A – Blue
Y – Golden
12 – Shell (Chinchilla).

Dad: Bo.Na.Murr Jo-Jo
Mom: Narnia Skairin White

Novella was carefully selected from one of the most reputable catteries in Russia, enduring a challenging relocation to join our family. As a chubby, plush, and affectionate kitten, she stood out among all the others we had seen across many catteries. Though miniature in size, Novella possesses perfect characteristics, with ideal ear size, round eyes, and a sweet personality. Her exceptional color, type, and personality traits are qualities she will surely pass on to her future litters.


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