Nicole, like her sister Novella, was carefully selected from one of the most reputable catteries in Russia. Despite the challenging relocation, Nicole has adapted wonderfully to her new home. As a kitten, she was also chubby, plush, and exceptionally affectionate, making her stand out among all the kittens we had seen in many catteries. Nicole’s miniature size is complemented by her perfect ear size, round eyes, and a sweet personality. Her high-quality color, type, and delightful temperament are traits she will undoubtedly pass on to her future litters.

N – Black
Y – Golden
12 – Shell (Chinchilla).

Dad: Bo.Na.Murr Jo-Jo
Mom: Narnia Skairin White

Nicole, with her exquisite golden-black coat and striking round eyes, embodies the perfect blend of beauty and charm. Her affectionate nature and playful demeanor make her an instant favorite among all who meet her. Coming from a lineage renowned for exceptional quality, Nicole promises to pass on her remarkable traits to her kittens, making them a coveted addition to any loving home. Her robust health and delightful personality ensure that her kittens will not only be visually stunning but also possess a loving temperament. Choosing a kitten from Nicole means welcoming a new family member that brings both joy and elegance into your life.

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