Name: Addison
Status: Reserved
Color: NY11(12)
Asking Price: Previously Sold

Addison is a very cute and playful. She is already started litter box training. She loves playing with her other brothers and sisters. She’s a very social kitten & gets along with everyone.

Name: Waldo
Status: Reserved
Color: AY12
Asking Price: Previously Sold

Waldo is our first born kitten. He has a brave soul. He is very curious and adventurous. He has quick reactions and is learning fast! He is already started litter box training and doing great! He is also very social and gets along with everyone. His coat color is very rare.

Name: Silverly
Status: Reserved
Color: AY11
Asking Price: Previously Sold

Silverly is reserved by her behavior. But as soon as you will get to know her a little more, she will subdue your heart & fill it with love. She has a very pretty coat color. Very good proportions of her head and body. She is Golden Blue Shaded Shorthair AY11 girl.

Name: Nugget
Status: Reserved
Color: NY11
Asking Price: Previously Sold

Nugget is already doing well with little box training. This guy is like a golden nugget. He is very bright coat color. He is very playful. He gets along with everyone. He is the our gold nugget of the litter!

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